What Is Siembra?

Discover the benefits and possibilities of our service.
Allow safe and easy mobile donations.

The community donates through the application, and the church receives donations automatically.

Work online with members of your church.

Access the admin panel and invite your staff to participate

Monitor revenues by accessing detailed reports.

Manage donations and keep everything under control, in just one place.

Connect with your community!

Share your services, messages, and videos with your community.

Help you church grow!

Access to cash advances to foster growth.
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Every church shares messages, services, devotionals, events, and more with their community
We help people contribute to their community simply and safely, from their mobile phone.
Every church publishes their volunteer program positions to gather support from their community.
Churches share their services and audiovisual content with their community.


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How Do I Get Started?

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Pastor Cindy OrtizChef Tatiana VernotPastor Ruth Villamizar
Siembra has definitely changed the culture of our church. As technology evolves so should the church. Siembra has not only made it easier to give and receive donations, but it has increased our productivity by reducing time spent counting money and writing deposits. It has also reduced our risk of handling and losing money, and saved money on printing envelopes. If I could define Siembra App in one phrase it would be "Siembra, the smart way to give"
Pastor Cindy Ortiz
Siembra is about the best thing invented to connect with my church! With my hectic schedules is hard to remember events and meetings and Siembra is always updated and I can quickly look to see what my church is doing. I also work a lot and sometimes if I am running a few minutes late to service I can play the service and watch it online! I love having the opportunity to do so since I do not like to miss any part of the teachings. Finally Siembra is incredible because it is the fastest, simplest and most secure way to donate, give my offerings to God and keep track of my finances with the church. I am happy I have the opportunity to have an app like Simbra because it really does make life easier, its easy to donate, easy to navigate and easy to keep up to date and in touch with the church!
Chef Tatiana Vernot
Since we started using Siembra at our congregation the dynamics of the church life changed. We feel we can reach further and more often. Also, we use the app to engage our members on the series of sermons and on what God is speaking to our church. Giving has increase as people has discovered a new way to donate. We definitely brought our church to a new Season by partnering with Siembra.
Pastor Ruth Villamizar
Casa del Dios Viviente